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November 8, 2014

For immediate release:

Arnica Artist Run Centre Members' Show and Sale
DEADLINE: 4:30pm Wednesday, November 26th

Arnica ARC invites its Members to submit up to 3 artworks in any medium for inclusion in this year’s Members' Show and Sale.** The exhibition opens Saturday, November 29th in conjunction with Christmas in the Courthouse, a popular weekend-long event organized by the Courthouse Gallery. The Arnica Members Show and Sale continues through to Saturday, December 13th 2014. Arnica will host a closing reception on December 13th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. All works exhibited in the Members’ Show will be for sale through Arnica ARC and proceeds are divided in a 60/40 split with 60% going directly to the artist and 40% to Arnica Arc to help support our operations and programming. Artists who choose to donate 100% of the sale of their artworks to the Gallery will be issued a charitable tax receipt for the full amount. The maximum size for submitted artworks is 30 x 30 inches, or 30 inches on any side.

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DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS & DROPPING OFF ARTWORK: Applications forms and artworks are to be delivered to Arnica ARC by 4:30pm Wednesday, November 26th (gallery open from 10:00- 4:30) or by appointment.

You can find the application form for submission here. Please carefully note the details, dates and times specified on the application. If you have any questions please email arnicaarc@gmail.com

Not a Member of Arnica? You can sign up online here or stop by the gallery to fill out a form (we’re in the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre - 7 Seymour Street West).

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**As this event is a fundraiser for the Gallery, Arnica ARC may refuse an artist’s submission if the work is incomplete, hazardous, or offensive. Priority will be given to artworks that are ‘ready-to-hang’. Although we will make every attempt to be inclusive, exhibition of all artworks of any individual is not guaranteed. Space is limited and curatorial discretion will be exercised. Late submissions will not be accepted.


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